Warming Up Before Playing A Round Of Golf

There are two types of golf players… those who warm up before going for a round of golf and those who don’t.

Which type are you?

Personally, I am one hundred percent the type that prefers a warm-up session. Depending on if I’m playing a social round or a tournament round, the warm-up might be more or less extensive. And I have certainly played a few rounds where I’ve pretty much walked straight from the car and to the first tee. But if possible, I always want to do at least something to get my body going before stepping on the first tee.

If I get to choose, I’ll typically do some stretches. Hit a few balls on the range. And then hit a few chip shots and short putts.

Not warming up before teeing off, I always feel as if I’m giving away the first three holes or so. It’s as if the first stretch of holes become my warm-up, due to the lack of pre-round preparation.

So far this year I’ve managed to get out on the course three times, including this morning. And all of the rounds have been early tee times (7.30 ish), making it a bit difficult to fit a warm-up in before. On top of that, the range at my course is closed certain mornings, obviously eliminating the choice to hit balls before playing.

Today was the first time this year that I was finally able to hit a few balls before teeing it up and let me tell you… I could feel a big difference between the two previous rounds and the round today. And I didn’t hit more than maybe 10-15 balls on the range this morning. But that, in combination with a bit of stretching, made such a big difference in how prepared my body was when I stepped up on the first tee. This lead to the best first hole tee shot of the year so far and it helped me find a better flow much earlier.

I recognize that everyone has their own definition of what a ”full” or sufficient warm-up is. And that is totally okay, of course. Whatever works for you!

Personally, I would phrase it this way; anything is better than nothing. Even if it’s just a few stretches, a few balls on the range, or a few chip shots; I think the difference between that and nothing is very notable. Especially on cold mornings like the one I experienced this morning.

What’s your experience playing with/without warming up beforehand? Can you easily tell the difference in getting off to a good/bad start depending on your pre-round preparation?

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