The US Women’s Open

Since today’s Friday, I really hope you haven’t missed that the US Women’s Open started yesterday?

The ladies are playing over at the Champions Golf Club in Texas and it is definitely looks like we have a few exciting days of golf ahead of us.

As always, the ladies on tour are bringing their best game to the last major of 2020 and during the first day, two HIO’s were made! How awesome is that!? I’m also happy to see some familiar Swedish names up on the leaderboard. As a fellow Swede I do of course pull a bit extra for my countrywomen.

So yesterday on Instagram I asked everyone in my little golf network who their favorite to win this week is and I thought I’d share some of the answers and my thoughts with you here. I am aware that 18+ holes have already been played by now, but I still think it can be interesting. Some of the most popular answers that I got were Brooke Henderson, Lexi Thompson, Nelly Korda, Emily Pedersen and Stacy Lewis. All of them amazing players, obviously, and I can see why they are some of the favorites going into the week.

Brooke Henderson is a common favorite, who at age 23 already has one major win and nine LPGA wins in total. I also saw a very cool post about Lexi Thompson yesterday, who made her US Open debut back in 2006 when she was only 11 years old! Lexi and I are the same age and it’s crazy to think that this week is her 14th US Open, in 25 years. Incredible to say the least – I honestly can’t find the words to explain how impressive that is.

World number 2 Nelly Korda is actually one of my personal favorites going into this week. She hasn’t won a major tournament yet but she came so close with a T2 position at the ANA Inspiration earlier this year. I personally think she’s especially skilled around the greens and I think (and hope) we’ll see her win a major soon. Stacy Lewis is, in comparison to the other players in this post, a true veteran and has already won two majors during her career. We all know that experience typically plays a big role going into major weeks and I can see why Stacy is a favorite.

Let’s also not forget about Emily Pedersen, who I wrote about the other day in my Women In Golf post. There’s no denying that Emily is on a bit of a hot streak winning four times on the LET this year (three titles in a row now in November) and she is definitely a player to keep an extra eye on during this week’s US Women’s Open.

I would say that it’s incredibly difficult to pick just one favorite, as there is literally soo many players to choose from and the first day of play has already shown a lot of new names up on the leaderboard. What we know for sure though is that there will be lots of golf exciting golf to watch this weekend. It truly is amazing to be able to watch a major tournament in December, as I myself am sitting at home (nowhere near a golf course haha) and am getting extremely motivated and inspired to find a way to get out there to play as soon as possible.

If you haven’t tuned in to watch the US Women’s Open yet I highly advise you to do so the next few hours and for the remainder of the week. The ladies are so, so talented and skilled, and have, as all professional athletes, worked extremely hard to play at this level. Overall it’s just so much fun watching them play and I wish that more people would watch them because there is also so much that we can all learn from doing so. Not only skill-wise but also in terms of passion, sportsmanship and attitude. If you do end up watching, please use the hashtag #womenworthwatching because they truly are, worth watching.


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