The Power Of A Positive Attitude On The Golf Course

”Don’t let your golf influence your attitude; let your attitude influence your golf.”

I first heard this quote the other week and immediately wrote it down as a reminder. It was Rory McIlroy who mentioned that he received this advice from a friend and that it was something that had helped him with his mindset.

I went to the course this afternoon and spent some time chipping and putting. And I’m not going to lie – chipping is the part of my game where I struggle a bit mentally. It really comes and goes and I am starting to see what a big role confidence and a positive attitude play when it comes to performance.

Whenever I walk up on the putting green, I’m in a good mood. I love putting and I love my putter. So therefore I approach all putts with a positive attitude.

But since I’m not always overly thrilled when I have to hit a chip shot, I’m not quite putting myself in the best place mentally to hit a good shot. When I step up to hit a putt, I visualize the ball going in and believe that it will go in. When I step up to hit a chip shot… not so much.

So today when I was on the putting green, taking selfies with my bae (my Taylormade Spider), I thought to myself that I better start giving my wedges the same type of love that I give my putter. Because part of the reason why putting is the strength of my game is because I am so positive and confident on the putting green. I don’t just hope to make putts. I know I’ll make putts. So even if I don’t have the same confidence with my wedges as with my putter (yet) I think I’ll create it faster if I approach the chip shots with a more positive attitude.

I am a big believer in that you get back what you put out into the universe. So I am going to give my wedges a bit of extra love this season. That’ll make them love me back. I am going to let my attitude influence my golf, rather than the other way around.

Note to self: approach chip shots with a positive energy and attitude.

Do you have any particular part of your game where you don’t feel as confident as you do in other areas? If so, what type of mindset and attitude would you say that you typically approach those shots with? I’m curious to know.

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