The Golf Sisters: Jessica & Nelly Korda

There are so many reasons to love the Korda sisters…

They’re amazing golfers and all-around athletes. They’re also two powerful women and incredible role models for amateur golfers of all ages, around the world. And despite their young age, they’ve already made golf history more than just one time.

In celebration of International Women’s Day that was earlier this week, on March 8th, I wanted to take a moment to speak about the Korda sisters. They are without a doubt two of my absolute favorite golfers on the LPGA at the moment. And it’s not only about their actual games, although Nelly currently sits 3rd on the Women’s World Golf Ranking while Jessica sits at 18th place, but it’s about their overall character. Since Nelly entered the LPGA Tour in 2017, many have tried to start a big rivalry between the two sisters, but without any success in doing so. They’re both fearless competitors, yet remain each other’s biggest supporters, which makes them successful players on the course and incredible women and individuals off the course.

Like I said before, there are just so many things about the Korda’s that you can’t help but love.

However, although a lot of people might know about the Korda sisters’ success on the course, there are some specifics about their background and careers that are lesser-known. So I put together a video where I give you five fun and interesting facts about Jessica and Nelly Korda. To know what they are… check out the video below!

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