The GOAT Of Women’s Golf – Annika Sörenstam

This week on the LPGA tour, Annika Sörenstam (arguably the GOAT of women’s golf, is back playing. Annika retired back in 2008 and this past Thursday she teed it up in her first LPGA event in 13 years.

As I write this, the final round of the Gainbridge LPGA is still underway, with Nelly Korda at the top of the leaderboard with less than nine holes left to play. Annika, however, has not played as well as she might have hoped. She’s currently in 74th place, with a few holes left to play. But she did make the cut, which Annika herself said was the goal this week, playing at her home club Lake Nona Golf & Country Club in Orlando, Florida.

Regardless of the results, it’s been a pleasure watching Annika play again. She’s been a role model for me growing up in Sweden and I went to watch her play at the Solheim Cup in Sweden back in 2003 and 2008. I was obviously still very young at this time but I do have some memories, especially from 2008, of watching Annika and all the other amazing women play.

In honor of this week and Annika’s first event back on the LPGA Tour in 13 years, I decided to make a video about her, what she’s done for women’s golf, and I also give you five reasons why you should watch the Gainbridge LPGA. The tournament is obviously coming to an end, but believe me when I say that you still want to watch it for the reasons that apply to watching the LPGA Tour on a weekly basis.

My hopes are that Annika’s appearance back on the LPGA Tour this week has opened more people’s eyes to who she is and what an important icon she is for women’s golf. Especially for golfers who might have been too young to watch her play back in her prime or for golfers who have recently taken up the game. She’s been a role model for so many, for so many years, and hopefully this week she was able to reach even more golfers around the world with her legacy.

Hope you like the video!

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