Never a Zero-Day

I heard this quote the other day that I really, really liked. I think it can be applied to any goals or dreams that you have in life (golf goals included) and it really just resonates with me and the way that I look at the process of improving.

”Never have a zero-day.”

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to push yourself to your absolute limit every day, but it simply means that you do something every day that gets you a bit closer to your goals.

It really doesn’t have to be something big. It could be something as simple as getting a good night of sleep. Or doing 5 min of meditation. Or maybe spending 10 min to work on your putting at home before having dinner. You get the point – anything really.

I was already familiar with this type of mindset/approach when working towards goals before hearing this quote, only I have always referred to it as buying into the 1%. 1%ing. It basically means that you should work towards becoming just 1% better every day and then over time, the total percentage of improvement will obviously increase. So again, it’s not about making crazy progress every day but making little progress every day that adds up to major progress over time.

Do you set goals for yourself when it comes to your golf game?

I think goals are so important just because they give us a clear vision of where we are and where we want to go. By buying into the ‘never a zero-day mindset’ you can then start seeing how all of these small actions contribute to the larger picture of ultimately reaching your goals. Goals are supposed to scare you a little (and excite you a lot) so you obviously won’t be able to reach them overnight. That’s why patience and consistent effort over a longer period of time, is what most likely will give you the best results.

These are obviously just my opinions and I can only speak from personal experience but I do really think that it’s when you do something every day, big or small, that aligns with your vision and your goals, that you will eventually start seeing the progress and seeing how you’re getting closer and closer to your goals.

What are you doing every day that is getting you just a bit closer to your goals?

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  1. Mike

    Wonderful post and a reminder to the idea “the little things matter”. Setting goals is important and this off-season mine are two fold. Increasing flexibility and to practice putting daily at home. Thanks for the added inspiration!

    1. puttingwithellie

      Thank you, I’m happy you can relate to that mindset too. I like your goals for this off season – keep up the good work!

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