Girls Tee Time With Franky Harper

In the last episode of Girls Tee Time, I had the pleasure of speaking with Franky Harper. She started playing golf in January of 2020 and is now full-on obsessed with golf.

She’s got an Instagram golf account @beginnerladygolfer where you can follow her golf journey and she also does some pretty funny reels – about everything from dealing with golf nerves to being a woman on the golf course.

We had an amazing chat and what I found the most interesting was hearing Franky’s views on the best ways that we can all contribute to growing women’s golf. Since I was introduced to golf by my parents at a very young age, I sometimes find it difficult to know what would encourage more women to give golf a try. It’s not the same thing being introduced to the sport as a kid or choosing to pick up a golf club as an adult. I therefore really value getting Franky’s thoughts on this and better understand what I (and all of us) can do, as a female golfer, to encourage more women to play golf.

You can watch/listen to the full conversation directly below. And don’t forget to check out Franky’s profile on Instagram. As always, send me a message if you want to come on Girls Tee Time or if you know someone I should speak with. My inbox is open!

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