Girls Tee Time with Danie Ferry

Danie is a golf player from the UK who I connected with last week for the latest episode of Girls Tee Time. What I loved most about our conversation, was connecting and realizing the things we have in common when it comes to our background in golf.

Both Danie and I started playing at a young age and played in junior competitions growing up. And just as I took a break from golf after college, Danie took a break from golf during her university studies. She then found her way back to the sport and today you could say that pretty much all of her time revolves around golf.

Whenever Danie doesn’t play golf, she works with golf as a marketing assistant for Wilson Golf UK.

Our chat really focused on what it’s like finding your way back to golf and some of the barriers or obstacles that have become bigger when you’re no longer a junior; such as the expense part of golf, particularly when it comes to golf memberships.

Watch/listen to our conversation in the video below and check out Danie’s Instagram account here.

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