Girls Tee Time With Alexandra D’Archambeau

For my ongoing YouTube series, Girls Tee Time, I most recently had the pleasure of speaking with Alexandra D’Archambeau. We talked about how she was introduced to golf and what her future goals with the game are, but also about her experience being a woman in the world of golf.

The sexualizing of women’s golf has been a topic for quite some time. It once again received increased attention last week, after a public figure told a story about professional golfer Michelle Wie’s skirt and ”panties” from a charity pro-am several years ago. In the second episode of Girls Tee Time, Alexandra shares her thoughts on all the ”golf babes” and ”golf cuties” accounts that exist on Instagram, and why it can be a bit problematic when women appear on the golf course in minimal (sometimes almost nonexisting) clothing. It’s a complicated topic with a fine line between how to encourage and support other women, regardless of clothing, while also wanting to change the way that female golfers are perceived.

Alexandra is the founder of the Instagram account Girls That Golf and also shared the reasoning behind creating this community. It’s all about reclaiming the image of women’s golf and creating an encouraging community of female golfers.

We also spoke about the challenge of attracting more female golfers and how we can all contribute to growing women’s golf. Will there be a Girls That Golf trip in the future, once the covid-situation has changed for the better? I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I sure hope that there will be. I’d be the first to sign up.

Below is the full conversation between me and Alexandra! Girls Tee Time really means a lot to me, not only because of the value I hope it can bring to the women’s golf community, but also because I get a chance to connect with other females who are as passionate about golf as I am.

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