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Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions at the moment, is how to practice and improve your game when going to the golf course isn’t an option. It’s a question I’ve been asking myself as well the past couple of weeks, with golf courses being closed for a while over here in Barcelona.

There are many ways to practice at home and I think a good reminder for anyone struggling to find ways to improve while at home is that you don’t necessarily need to hit a ball into a net to get better. If you do have access to an indoor hitting bay or have your own set up at home that is great, of course, but there are also other ways to improve and prepare for the upcoming season.

First of all, going to the gym or working out, can actually really benefit your golf game since working out is a great way to improve your strength, mobility, explosiveness, overall endurance and so on. Personally, I can clearly see the relationship between me working out and me being in better control of the movements that I make on the golf course. So if you’re not able to actually play or practice on the course, spending just a little bit of time working out at home or in the gym can actually benefit your game as well. I posted a short video on Instagram the other day with some very easy golf mobility exercises that you can do anywhere and anytime, no equipment needed. You can check it out here.

One of my other favorite ways to work on my game from the comfort of my home is, as you probably already know, practicing my putting. Working on your putting fundamentals at home doesn’t have to be complicated at all, since it doesn’t really require too much space or a lot of equipment like an indoor hitting bay might. You really only need a putting mat (or carpet), your putter, and a few golf balls. If I can fit a putting mat setup in my 45 square meter apartment, I’m sure you can too haha.

Personally, I like practicing using my PuttOut Putting Mat and my PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer. I think I’ve showed you this setup on the blog before but I still get a lot of questions on Instagram about my favorite putting training aids and the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer definitely is one of my favorites as it makes putting practice at home both challenging and fun. It gives you instant feedback on the speed and direction of the putt, returning the ball the same distance that it would have gone past the hole if you would’ve been out on the course. Only putts of absolute perfection (both in terms of speed and direction) are the ones that will stay in the micro-target, which is exactly what makes it so challenging, and addictive. You won’t be able to stop until you’ve managed to get the ball to stay in the micro-target.

Aside from working on your fitness and your putting, there are obviously ways to work on your chipping and swing at home as well, but that might require a bit more space or equipment, so I think it all depends on the space and resources you have. If you want to keep it simple, yet make sure that you do put in a bit of work to improve your game from the comfort of your own home, my favorite things to focus on are fitness and putting.

How do you practice and improve your game from home during the winter? I love getting new ideas for how to practice and improve, especially with this year’s weird and long winter/off-season, so please feel free to share!

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  1. Mike

    Just did a chipping training session at home, indoors. Full disclosure, I have a matt and target net in my basement. But to your point about other ideas for practicing. I have a couple I do with no ball for chipping and putting. I take an 8 iron and just work on my posture and chipping motion. You can use a mirror or app for feedback. The other is for putting I learned from coach Sarah Stone (on IG @stonesense golf) Using two alignment rods (or curtain rods) criss crossed one under each arm pit and gripped at the intersection in front. Work on setup, alignment and motion really quiets my hands from takeaway thru impact. Obviously no ball down. Amazing how this works to improve tempo too. Just a couple of ideas.

    1. puttingwithellie

      Thank you for sharing Mike! I really like those ideas. And like you said, although you personally have a setup with a net and all at home, these are some ideas for what you can do without a ball. That means you don’t really need too much space to do these exercises either. I will try this myself – practicing my chipping motion at home without the ball! I haven’t done much of that this winter, to be honest.

      I will for sure check Sarah’s Instagram as well, seems like you got some good ideas from her 🙂

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