Back Out On The Golf Course

Guess who’s back out on the golf course again?

That’s right – me! 

After not hitting balls since July of last year, I finally went to the golf course to practice yesterday. And since I now live in France, I’m on the hunt for a course to be a member at so that I can play a lot this year. The course we went to yesterday was very nice, and it’s probably the closest to where we live, so I think that’s the place.

Golf memberships aside, I think the most important question is… what was it like to swing a golf club again after more or less 7 months of no golf? Well, the short answer is that it was amazing. From the moment we parked the car at the course until we got back in the car to go home, I just could not stop smiling. Being back in the golf environment and actually being able to practice just made me so happy. I could tell how much I had missed it.

On the range

To be honest with you, I didn’t have too high expectations on how I would be hitting the ball. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how to swing a club, but after so many months off I don’t think any good can come from showing up at the course thinking I’ll pure every shot. That’s not even a realistic approach for any golf session, no matter how often you practice haha. But after all, I actually did hit the ball very well yesterday. And boy did it feel good. I still have a tendency of pulling the shots a bit or hitting quite a big draw, but since I did that before too I wasn’t expecting that to be miraculously gone. Overall, the swing felt good, the shots looked good and I had such a great time being back on the range – which was the most important thing for me.

Around the greens

I also spent a bit of time around the greens, and I can clearly say that this is the place where I’ll have to spend a bit more time in the upcoming months. That doesn’t bother me at all though, because I do love working on my short game. I also know that the short game is what will make the biggest difference in my score once I get back out on the course so that only motivates me to dedicate more hours around the greens. Luckily I’ve been practicing a bit of putting from home, so I definitely think that made the transition out to real grass a lot easier. In terms of chipping, I had a lot of fun playing around with some different shots and lies, and I know that the touch and the feel will only get better and better every session.

So the first practice session of 2021 is done and now I just can’t wait to get back out there again. I am especially impatient to actually get back out on the course to play. Next week I’ll be able to get a tee time in, I think. Before that, I’ll possibly fit in one or two more training sessions. 

I do understand that a lot of people prefer just going straight out on the course but although I love playing, I think I’ll enjoy it more if I have some time to practice and get back into the swing of things first. It’s probably something I carry with me from playing competitive golf for around 10 years but I do genuinely enjoy my practice sessions. Playing a round of golf certainly helps improve your game too, but I like the process of laying the groundwork at the practice facilities and then working on bringing that with me out on the course. A mix of both is obviously ideal.

Anyways, enough about this for now. I’ll keep you updated with my upcoming sessions and rounds on the course. And there’s only one more thing to say… let the 2021 season begin.

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